More Waterlogue images

Happy Monday! I’ve created a few more watercolor inspired downloads using the fun Waterlogue app. It’s fun to play around with when you get the hang of it and I plan to use some of my creations as artwork in my home. It’ll look like stylish, unique artwork, but it’ll also have special meaning to me as I remember each of the unique places they represent. I can’t wait until they publish a version of their app optimized for Mac. Feel free to download them to print or use digitally, and link back to me if you want to Pin or reblog them! 🙂

These images are original photos taken by myself and edited using the Waterlogue app. They are for personal use and not to be sold or used for commercial gain.


Fun new app

I found this fun new app via Pinterest. It’s called Waterlogued, and it’s optimized for iPhone and iPad. You take your own photos and it processes them to look like watercolor images. I’m so excited to have made this one. It’s a photo of the centerpieces from my daughter’s first birthday party with the “Vibrant” filter, and I can’t wait to frame it for her nursery! Like it, too? Feel free to download it to print for yourself or make a cheerful background for your computer.

8x10 Printable .jpeg
8×10 printable via Well Shared #Waterlogue

Middle of May

I cannot believe we are already in May and almost to June! I have big plans for cleaning, crafting, organizing, selling much of my antiques, and shopping for job options, but my to do list isn’t getting shorter with a teething infant in tow. 

One place I can go to be filled with new ideas, though, is our friendly neighborhood Hobby Lobby. We used to joke when I was in high school that if I were ever to get a job at Hobby Lobby I’d end up paying them to work and never seeing any of my paycheck. Now I think I should just buy stock in the company and then I might see a return on my investment. “Oh, my receipt’s not that bad. I’m just ensuring the continued viability of my portfolio, Dear.” I mean, how can they restock if someone like me *cough* craftaholic *cough* doesn’t buy them out? It’s a public service really. 

This trip I needed to find some last little supplies to finish my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift (which I never seem to get done on time). I don’t know why; I think I get over ambitious. One year I told her I was going to make a quilt for her. Got her favorite colors in lovely Americana prints. Then she received the same “quilt” for the next three consecutive holidays. First the blocks, then the top, then finally the finished quilt! At least the upside is that I have proof that I have the most patient mother of all time. 🙂

While perusing the store, I was inspired by many of their items that would make adorable accessories for an 18″ doll. When I was little, I always admired how customized and creative the American Girl dolls are. Even before I had a daughter, my heart wanted to share that special kind of pretend play with my little girl. Especially since I’m past the age where it’s socially acceptable to buy a baby doll for oneself. 

So, as I try to finish one project and write a post for it, please enjoy these little sparks of inspiration. 

(All products in images property of Hobby Lobby. I received no compensation for this post, I’m simply a chronic crafter.)

This would make a sweet little coffee table with drawer.

How cute would this be as a laundry basket painted to match the doll’s room?
These were made to be napkin rings in the wedding section, but can you say Dolly & Me Princess Party?!

They had everything; from a papier mâché mailbox in scrapbooking to tiny picture frames, a doll sized glass pitcher to little stuffed animals in the miniatures section. Even some 3″ silver trophies for when her doll wins a gymnastics competition. Or the Kentucky Derby. 

My absolute favorite would have to be what I found in the paper crafting and stamping section: 

  It’s a dollhouse! For a doll! How adorable is that?

So like Steak and Shake fries and tiny baby shoes, some things are just better in miniature. I’m starting a storage tote for doll things for my little girl. I’ll have to start looking around for what I can repurpose!
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